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California Consumer
Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives California residents important new rights around the collection and sale of their personal data. This has serious implications on how your customer data is being handled by your organization’s third-party vendors. The CCPA module from Blue Umbrella GRC simplifies vendor data privacy compliance. Sign up and leverage our customized questionnaire so you can quickly get visibility to potential CCPA-related risks in your third-party universe.     

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Blue Umbrella GRC provides out-of-box functionality to help organizations quickly establish and manage their third-party compliance. No complicated integration or configuration required.

Our modular pricing and simple and easy-to-use interface make digitizing and automating your organizations third-party effortless.

Blue Umbrella GRC provides an end-to-end overview of your third parties compliance activities by providing you with insight into your third parties regulatory activities as well as the ability to assess and review their current operational compliance policies and procedures all on one simple platform.

Our integrated workflows make building an end-to-end third-party compliance program quick and easy and with built-in tools to help drive organizational collaboration and communication, Blue Umbrella GRC is your single source of truth for all your third party compliance activities.


  • End-to-end automated workflows to manage all compliance assessments and screening and monitoring
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Modular pricing to help you start and grow your compliance program
  • Track, manage and remediate all identified risks from a single, centralized solution
  • Centralized data management to store all your remediation
  • Multi-language support
  • Choose from standardized assessments or build your own
  • Leverage access to over 900 global compliance databases
  • Order Due Diligence reports on an a-la-carte basis
  • Define user and access rights at the module level
  • Out-of-box functionality with no implementation required

CCPA Module Benefits


Get Started

Blue Umbrella GRC is a plug-and-play solution allowing you to sign up and get started within minutes.


Track with Ease

The CCPA module makes it effortless to track who has opened, completed or not completed the gold standard questionnaire and give complete visibility to third-party CCPA data privacy risks. 


Consistent CCPA Compliance

The genius of the CCPA module is that it enforces third-party data privacy best practices across your organization through the industry standard of questionnaires. 

Get on the Right Path

The Attorney General of California can bring an enforcement action under CCPA on July 1, 2020, so it’s critical to get visibility to your third-party risk level as soon as you can.  Manual processes will waste valuable times and resources. This module is the single tool you need to automate follow-up and internally collaborate to ensure vendor compliance with the new CCPA data privacy requirements. And the best part? We built it so you can sign up and get started today. Download the product sheet.  

Need more details on the background of the CCPA? Visit the State of California Department of Justice website.  


Do you understand your third-party data privacy risks?

Download our new guide to get up-to-date with the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR. Additionally, get initial steps your company can take to understand related third-party data privacy risk. 

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Ensure Your Vendors Take CCPA Seriously.

It’s not easy to track how your distributors, agents and vendors measure up the data privacy standards and requirements specific to California laws. Blue Umbrella GRC’s CCPA module gives a single point of reference for all communication, documentation and historical information for unprecedented visibility into your complete vendor-related CCPA risk landscape. 

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  • My company received a CCPA questionnaire. What do I do?

    Blue Umbrella GRC is helping ensure all business partners benefit from using our CCPA module. Log in to Blue Umbrella GRC to complete the questionnaire and learn more. 

  • Why should my company use the CCPA module?

    The CCPA module from Blue Umbrella GRC allows your organization to get visibility quickly and effectively to – and manage the remediation of – CCPA data privacy risk in your vendor relationships. 

  • What are the benefits of using the CCPA module?

    The CCPA module provides you with a centralized view of all business partner data management practices as it pertains to your customers. This empowers you to identify, address and decide on how fit a business partner is in terms of the risk and exposure to your organization. Blue Umbrella’s CCPA module provides users with the tools and tracking to make data-driven compliance decisions.  

  • What are the key features of the CCPA module?
    • End-to-end third-party management 
    • Questionnaire management tool featuring a gold standard CCPA data privacy questionnaire  
    • Report automation 
    • Industry-leading data security 
    • Consolidated data 
    • Easy tracking of responses 
  • Is my organization’s data protected with Blue Umbrella?

    Our customers comprise some of the most well-known Fortune 100 organizations, so we are subjected to the most rigorous penetration testing, physical and software audits and have always passed with flying colors. 

  • Should I use the Data Privacy module, the CCPA module or both?

    Our Data Privacy module covers general data privacy requirements that are a factor with a number of different international laws, including GDPR. The CCPA module specifically asks questions relating to the California Consumer Privacy Act requirements and how the data of California residents is handled. For example, the CCPA module has a specific question around the right not to sell customer data