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The one tool you need to manage IT security questionnaires. By automating questionnaires, you achieve an unobstructed view into your IT security landscape. The IT Security questionnaire module is a rock-solid solution for identifying, managing and remediating third-party risk, more quickly and more easily. And, it makes it easy to scale your IT security processes without draining your already time-stretched people.


Reach the Summit of IT Security Compliance

Weaknesses in the operations of your business relationships represent the biggest risk to your IT security. Our questionnaire module is a powerful combination of centralization, standardization and automation that simplifies IT security complexity.

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Third-Party Risk.

Quickly capture data, and flag and mitigate IT security risks. Enforce segregation of duties to avoid conflict of interests and prevent control failures that can result in data theft or security breaches. The powerful combination of centralization, standardization and automation simplifies IT security complexity.

IT Security Module Benefits


Comprehensive Risk

From cyber security to data center access to employee offboarding, the IT security module helps reduce your risk exposure to a full spectrum of IT security threats.



You’re only as good as your weakest third-party link. The IT Security module enforces a standardized approach that strengthens every link in your vendor and distributor chain.


Save Countless

Cut out hours of tedious manual work. Give your compliance professionals more time to focus on the work that makes a difference to your IT security and your bottom line.

Client Relationships Built on Trust

We are proud to support some of the world’s most notable brands.  These two long-standing clients gave us permission to share their logos.


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