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These are challenging times for everyone and we want to do what we can to support our clients and society. Unfortunately, we don’t make ventilators, but we do make great technology. We know that this technology has helped companies assess vulnerabilities in their supply chain and distribution networks. By using it, they have been able to remediate those risks and ensure supply chain resilience. We hope that by making this free, it helps companies get their products and services to market and avoids layoffs. This module covers:

  • Facility locations and possible disruptions
  • Human resource implications
  • Impact to materials, products or services
  • Suppliers and their downstream suppliers
  • Emergency response plans

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The Supply Chain Impact Assessment increases visibility to where risks exist in your supply chain and distribution networks by automating interaction with your vendors, agents and distributors using a specialized questionnaire. Once risks are identified, use the system to resolve risks within your organization and track them as the situation develops. And best yet? We have made it free of charge.


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Timing is everything.

Now is the time to figure out what risks are facing your business. Using email, spreadsheets and internal systems to try to identify vulnerabilities adds additional risk to this time-sensitive process. Using Blue Umbrella GRC helps to focus time and energy on identifying and handling the supply chain risks presented to your business by these unprecedented global events.

Supply Chain Impact Assessment Module Benefits


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Access a best-in-class questionnaire, including risk scoring, which can be instantly rolled out to your agents, distributors and vendors to establish supply chain risk.


Take Action

Use the remediation function to keep track of key risks facing your supply chain and to internally assign tasks, get updates and work collaboratively to address risks.


Risk Reporting

Access high-quality reports on the risks to your environment on a real-time basis. Collaborate with inter-departmental colleagues and track progress.

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Supply Chain Impact Assessment Module FAQ

  • How does the Supply Chain Impact Assessment module work?

    The module allows you to leverage Blue Umbrella GRC’s gold standard Impact Assessment questionnaire to identify potential risks related to vulnerabilities in the distribution or supply chain networks. You can automate complex manual workflows into one simple easy-to-use, consolidated solution. Collaborate with your peers in different departments, share updates, track performance and identify, remediate and report on related risks.

  • What questions does the custom questionnaire cover?

    Our professionally-developed questionnaire dives deep into possible disruptions in the areas of: facility, human resources, materials, products or services, suppliers and distribution network and emergency response plans.

  • Who should use the Supply Chain Impact Assessment module?

    Organizations that have a global network of vendors and/or distributors may have vulnerabilities that are not on their radar. Read more here. Using a regimented technology-backed process to identify risk can help avert possible disaster to critical elements of the business. Supply chain and procurement professionals will benefit by using a purpose-built technology to assess these risks.

  • Who should use Blue Umbrella GRC’s Supply Chain Impact Assessment?

    Blue Umbrella GRC is an enterprise solution that allows users from all parts of the organization to manage, contribute and collaborate on meeting your organization’s compliance requirements. Key users would include team members from Supply Chain, Procurement and Compliance as well as subject matter experts from other departments where required.

  • How do I know my organization’s information is safe in Blue Umbrella’s cloud-based software?

    Our customers comprise some of the most well-known Fortune 100 organizations, so we are subjected to the most rigorous penetration testing, physical and software audits and have always passed with flying colors.

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