Third-Party Compliance
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Italian Law No. 3/2019: Guidance for Staying Compliant

Law No. 3/2019, commonly known as "Spazzacorrotti" or "bribe destroyer law", was adopted in Italy and has been in force since January 31, 2019.  This law is positioned to bring Italian anti-bribery and corruption legislation in line with international standards. It's important to understand the changes for companies, individuals and what it means for your organization's third-party compliance program.

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In This White Paper

This comprehensive white paper dives into the background and changes with Italian Law no. 3/2019:

  • Changes for individuals, companies and other legal entities
  • Background of the bill and key areas
  • Penalties for companies that are found guilty of crimes relating to corruption

This white paper will help you understand how to stay compliant with the changes brought with the Law. Compliance professionals working for companies doing business in Italy should do their due diligence to make sure they, their employees and their third parties behave ethically and within the law.