Third-Party Compliance

Understanding Different Models of Compliance Programs

Global third-party compliance programs are often structured in either a centralized or decentralized format. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of those two models can help your organization create efficiencies around your team's operations. Request this white paper to learn more!

Creating Efficiencies Within Centralized and Decentralized Third-Party Compliance Programs

In This White Paper

Different models of compliance programs have their own strengths and weaknesses with regards to control, consistency and understanding of local nuance. With careful consideration and program structuring, these weaknesses can be addressed and managed in a compliance department.

Find out what compliance professionals are doing create efficiencies in their third-party compliance programs.

  • Understanding the differences between the different models of compliance programs and how to improve on either model
  • Increasing efficiencies to reduce pain points in either model without compromising the advantages
  • Integration of technology to improve documentation, increase transparency and give higher visibility to risk

Request our white paper to consider different approaches to creating efficiencies in your organization's third-party compliance program.